Local gumption and agreement. Develop some.

One of the main premises of this blog is that the time has come for your local community to assume more responsibility for the infrastructure and services you depend on. The writing on the wall is telling you that centralized economy, governance and care is breaking down. You can read that writing or ignore it, but you’d be better served by adopting a local do-it-yourself attitude as these folks did on Kauai, Hawaii:

Their livelihood was being threatened, and they were tired of waiting for government help, so business owners and residents on Hawaii’s Kauai island pulled together and completed a $4 million repair job to a state park — for free.

Polihale State Park has been closed since severe flooding destroyed an access road to the park and damaged facilities in December.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources had estimated that the damage would cost $4 million to fix, money the agency doesn’t have, according to a news release from department Chairwoman Laura Thielen.

“It would not have been open this summer, and it probably wouldn’t be open next summer,” said Bruce Pleas, a local surfer who helped organize the volunteers. “They said it would probably take two years. And with the way they are cutting funds, we felt like they’d never get the money to fix it.”