For most people, there’s plenty of room for improvement in the daily commuting ordeal, and it’s especially stressful when there are surprises – traffic accidents, road construction, mass transit delays and breakdowns…

In several large cities (NY, Boston, D.C., Chicago, LA. London and Portland OR), with large volumes of commuters, there’s a Web/phone platform available for commuters to help one another along their regular routes by messaging into a dynamic digital status report.

Clever Commute and its accompanying blog asks its users to “define your line” by checking your home region, the routes and transit lines you normally take and your origin an destination points. Other commuters who travel the same lines report on conditions each day and those reports are sent to members of each line community via their cellphones and PDAs, warning them of obstacles or steering them to better alternate routes.

It’s a great application of location-based realtime crowdsourcing that has some environmental impact wherever it decreases the amount of time that mobs of people are stuck idling in stop-and-go traffic jams.