I’m an individual, not a member of ICLEI-USA, whose members come from local governments at the small town, city, municipality and county levels. But I’m an avid fan of ICLEI because it – more than any other organization, agency, leader or government – provides practical guidance for local governments seeking mitigative and adaptive solutions to the problems and threats of climate change. Without ICLEI, I believe we’d be another 5 or 10 years behind in developing the strategies that at least some of our local governments (ICLEI members, mostly) are implementing.

As an individual and as a fan of ICLEI, I’m disappointed that as important a meeting as the Local Action Summit – recently hosted by ICLEI-USA in Albuquerque – would be able to occur and over a week would go by with only one press release referring to the proceedings. (Not to be ungrateful, thank you for that. The Green Jobs Pledge is indeed important.)

Did nothing else happen worth reporting? If so, then that’s worth reporting. It’s hard to believe, in this day and age, that no one blogged from the meeting. SinceĀ  many of my “local” governments are ICLEI members, maybe I should be relying more on them to report on the meeting to us, their constituents. But, no, Marin County’s Community Development Agency has nothing, zip, nada about the meeting.

So, perhaps someone took notes…official notes, even…that could be shared with the curious public? Would you like an offical blogger to be present at your next conference? I’ll volunteer. But for now, I’ll be glad if even a retrospective report is released. It’s not just the deliverables we’re interested in; it’s also the process that we need to learn from as we all deal with the looming impacts of climate change in our lives. When you convene a “Summit,” don’t hide it under hat. Let the world know more about it.