The news release is certainly intriguing:

The GenGreen Network makes its launch as the first comprehensive national online community of individuals, businesses and organizations sharing a common interest in saving the planet. The online resource is a multi-faceted easy to use platform including all the tools anyone needs to live a sustainable life and create local connections for eco-conscious communities all across the country.

Indeed, local connections are crucial to building a base of activism for planning and doing in the interest of getting ready for the impacts of climate change. And lifestyle change is absolutely necessary in strategies for both mitigation and adaptation. But somehow, looking at the site, I can’t help but wonder if it’s more feel-good lifestyle than serious practical lifestyle.

It does have potential, however, if it fulfills its promise as a collector of local resources. Activists generally know who their local allies are, but citizens will need to be able to find the local activist groups that most closely reflect their values and interests. Presilience, also, would like to know which groups are active in each locality. Our purpose is to help them become as effective as possible in expanding their organizations to fill local adaptive needs.