With an exalted example like Wikipedia to demonstrate what can be done through minimally organized and uncontrolled collaborative knowledge sharing, it’s tempting to think that small, focused groups will thrive and progress through such an open online environment.  Indeed, some of the Transition Town efforts seem to be bearing fruit.

Here’s another budding example: Place Based Grass Roots Groups Political Action Web. It’s set up on Wikia, a free public access wiki platform, which also hosts Sustainable Community Action and Water Wiki. The Place Based wiki is clearly based in North Carolina, with places named including Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill – the university towns in the central part of the state.

Place Based wiki provides a How-To page where groups are invited to share the secrets of their organizational success. So far only one group has provided content for that page.

More active is the Global EDAP Resources page where “energy descent action plans” are shared, broken down into details like Youth and Community, Education, Local Energy, Local Economy and Livelihoods, Food, Government, Housing, etc.  Another breakdown allows individual “places” to describe their specific EDAPs, which are plans to systematically reduce energy usage along the same lines as post carbon cities and transition towns follow.