The word is, George W. Bush will be stepping up tomorrow (Wednesday) to announce his climate goals, right here in his 8th-to-last month in office.

Will it help, hinder or affect at all action at the local level?

Who will benefit? Follow the money.

Will it slow down what we need to be doing?  Will it be a mere speedbump, as few people are willing to grant credibility to an incredible and lame duck adminstration?

Sheesh. Can you imagine having a president who could inspire and motivate tens of millions of people to act for the good of the country – which now means for the good of the world?

The NY Times will report more about Bush’s statement in tomorrow’s edition, so says Andy Revkin’s blog. The latest note Andy appended to the article told us only this unsurprising info-bit:

there does appear to be a plan to limit power plant emissions